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This is the place to look for information about hiking and backpacking in New Hampshire and the surrounding states. From the White Mountains to the Monadnock region in the southwestern corner of the state, New Hampshire has some of the finest hiking trails in the east. I hope that these pages can convey, in some small way, the wonders and joys of New Hampshire's backcountry.

So What's a Leisurely Backpacker? I'd like to think that a Leisurely Backpacker is someone who is on the trail for the trail itself, and not the destination. Something to do with that whole "each step is a journey in itself" sort of philosophy, eh?

Interested in learning more about backpacking? Take a look at the wealth of information in our articles section. Or take a look at our Gear Reviews to see what others think about the equipment that you're thinking about laying out your hard cold cash for, or add a review of your own. The Links section includes dozens of interesting websites, and the Resources section will point you towards books and other forms of media where you can learn more about backpacking. See you on the trails!

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