Timber Creek

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Posted by Jim Pruette on April 04, 2006:

Tent Type: 3-Season
Make and Model: Timber Creek
Sleeping Capacity: 5
Review: I am not sure of the "season" of this tent. It is a 9x9 Timber Creek.

It is the most useless piece of fabric on the planet. As long as the conditions are such that no tent would be needed at all, then this "tent" is just fine.

It can take no more than a 3 or 4 knot wind withoput folding in on itself, and with a bit stiffer breeze, the rain fly simply falls to the ground, even though it may still be hanging onto the tent.

I am not an avid camper, and I made the mistake of buying this cheap piece of junk at Academy Sports. I know a lot more about tents now, learned the hard way.

Stay away from Timber Creek !

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