Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge 3

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Posted by Sean Giovanello on July 19, 2004:

Tent Type: 3-Season
Make and Model: Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge 3
Sleeping Capacity: 3
Review: I was a little skeptical when I bought this tent due to the fact that it only has a mesh door and the mesh siding cant be zipped up. After using it a couple of times, my doubts are gone and I am one happy customer.

The Good

The tent is amazingly well ventilated. Air circulation is great and even on a fairly warm night I did not get overly hot.

Star gazing is excellent with the top off.

Setup is a breeze and the entire process takes less than 5 minutes even on the first try of the tent.

Its light - under 8 pounds for a three man tent.

Waterproof - withstood rain and wind of various degrees on my first few trips. No leaks, seems real sturdy.

The Cons

You need to be really skinny to fit 3 people in here comfortably. This wasnt too big a concern for me as it was largely bought to give a little extra room for my wife and I, plus either extra gear and/or my dog.

The mesh door - I still cant be entirely comfortable with this even though the vestibule door is solid.

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