Kelty Ridge Runner

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Posted by stan on July 10, 2004:

Tent Type: 3-Season
Make and Model: Kelty Ridge Runner
Sleeping Capacity: 2
Review: This is the same thing as the Kelty Vortex. Why they renamed it remains a

Eiher way, I bought one, used it once, and it was ripped off out of my truck.
Nice tent, when I did use it.

The vestibule was a little less worthless than most, and the material ratings from Kelty are one of the highest. My dog had room to shake off
inside the tent like any lab will do.

(Labradors will NOT shake water off
until inside a vehicle,tent, or within a 6 foot splatter range of any human.)

However, Kelty went the way of the "clip" for poles.

The Vortex and others like it are getting hard to find that have continous pole sleeves and/or netting.
Clips stress the fabric big-time.

The Ridge is a replacment of the Vortex.

Anything else, even TNF, is $600 worth
of black netting,17 poles and a real neat little window in the fly for the yuppies. has the only one I could find online.

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