EMS Ascent 2500

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Posted by Sean Giovanello on March 10, 2004:

Pack Type: Rucksack
Make and Model: EMS Ascent 2500
Capacity (cubic inches): 2500
Review: I bought this a couple years when I was getting back into hiking after a long layoff.

The price was right (got it on sale) and it promised to be more comfortable than carrying a bookbag type pack which I had done on my first few hikes back.

The Ascent was for one a dramatic increase in comfort. I was able to take all the stuff I felt I needed, plus carry some extra stuff so my wife didnt need to.

It has held up remarkably well and shows no ill effects after a three years and dozens of uses.

The one small gripe I have is that the water bottle holders on the side do not really hold a nalgene bottle with any degree of certainty.

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