Dufor Swiss mummy

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Posted by Daniel Strong on January 28, 2006:

Type of Sleeping Bag: Mummy
Make and Model: Dufor Swiss mummy
Temperature Rating:
Weight of Bag: 5lbs
Fill Type: Hollofill II
Review: I have used it in the winter on a couple of trips.

My main compliant is it is to heavy. I bought because it was on sale. I paid $40 it was regular $100... I wish I would have bought another bag from a better company.

It is ok still. It comes with a removeable liner. I hate the liner. I suggest pulling the liner out. The line is about 2.0lbs. It says without the liner it is rated to 10. I would make the closer to 25. You are better off using a fleece blanket than the liner. The liner is just to heavy.

Don't waste you cash, get a North Face or something else... Even a slumber Jack would be better.

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